Why Us


Why Us?

Prepegg is a leading educational provider of standardized test preparation and college admissions counseling. Prepegg implements innovative learning approach to motivate students to achieve high test scores for their future college aspirations.

Started by students of UC Berkeley, Prepegg began as a private tutoring service and branched out to classroom-based learning. During this time, our incentive-laden techniques were being formulated and experimentally tested on a small group of students. What we found is that our students perform at a higher level when short-term goals and academic incentives are stressed. More than just rote memorization and intensive academic drilling, our courses have evolved to emphasize fun, corporate learning.

Who is it for?

Our test prep courses designed are geared towards college-bound students who want to get a leg up on the competition. We guarantee a substantial score increase on any number of standardized exam including SAT I, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT II, ACT, and many of the Advance Placement Subjects so that our students have the best possible profile for higher education.


Our courses are designed around methods that have been proven to work in the classroom and during private sessions. They consist of traditional test taking techniques, game-based strategies, effective test taking tips, and most importantly, an enjoyable peer-to-peer learning environment. Our classrooms are equipped with state of the art teaching tools and taught by instructors who are experts on the SATs.

Bribery Works!

There is no greater incentive than getting into your dream school. However, we found that students are more motivated by small incentives and prizes. Our courses are based on a competition model where we incentivize certain tasks with rewards (from candy to $100 gift cards). This helps us motivate our students’ learning progress and makes it fun for them to strive for a particular goal.