See what people had to say about us.

Jeff Menedez

Accepted: UC Berkeley, UCLA UCSD, UC Irvine, USC
Final SAT Score: 2230
Change: +320

“The class was fun and informative. It definitely helped me reach my target score.”

Gabriel Martin

Final SAT Score: 2050
Change: +120

“The program was essential to improving all of my scores. The curriculum has everything you could need to know about the SAT, including section-specific tips and tricks, time management skillsand the psychology behind the test that gives the student a unique edge while taking the SATs. My instructor was a brilliant and personable guy who went above and beyond as a teacher, and has become a great friend as well as a role model to me. I highly recommend Prepegg for anyone looking to improve their SAT scores. If you don’t improve, you aren’t trying enough, because the instructor is giving a 110% to help each student achieve his or her goals.”

Tiffany Chung

Accepted: UCLA, UC San Diego, Uc Irvine, Uc Davis
Final SAT Score: 1930
Change: +280

“I can confidently say that I would not have gotten into UCLA without PrepEgg. Not only were they extremely helpful, but they truly cared about my progress and success with the SATs. Unlike many SAT prep schools, they found fun and interesting ways to motivate the students to do well and master the testing techniques they taught during the course. Before PrepEgg, I thought the SATs were just a way to test how much a student knows, but I learned through this school so many essential techniques that I have never learned in school or tutoring. Not only did my score raise 280 points, but these learning and testing techniques helped me all the way through my college career at UCLA.“

Dianne Hall, Parent

“I highly recommend PrepEgg to parents wanting to help their child prepare for–or improve their scores on–the SAT.  They were 100% dedicated to ensuring that my son was ready for the SATs. The instructor gave my son some wonderful tips for problem-solving and time-management, which resulted in an amazing growth on my son’s SAT score. The instructors know the SAT inside and out.  My son’s instructor used his wealth of knowledge to build students’ confidence and skills so they will be successful test-takers (and thinkers).  It was money well spent and I would do it all again if I had more children.  Thank you PrepEgg for your wonderful service!”

Jessie Kim

Accepted: UCLA, UCSD, UC Davis, UC Irvine

“The class was interactive with multiple activities to keep your attention. The shortcuts on the verbal and math they give you really helped me pace myself during the exam.”

Staecy Kim

Accepted: UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Davis, UC Riverside, UC Merced, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Official Score: 2080

“This class helped me become very familiar with the test. There was no surprises during test day because I had already been exposed to all of the concepts through the practice. It didn’t hurt having my friends in the same class either—we had a good time!”

Tim S.


“My instructors taught me everything I need to be prepared for the SATs. They helped me a lot on tackling my weak areas. I am so glad to have taken this course at my school. I would recommend PrepEgg to everyone”